Haus Interior Design is a full-service
interior design firm serving clients
in the Washington DC area.


"Kirsten had fabulous design ideas. She streamlined the decision-making process and communicated regularly with the contractor and kitchen designer which saved me a lot of time. She kept everyone on task and on time. Working with her was easy and fun!"

From new construction to renovation to re-furnishing, Haus Interior Design approaches each project with professionalism and creative rigor. Our process begins with design development alongside the client, but as the vision coalesces, the success of our projects depends in large part on the efficient execution of design plans. Budgets and timelines are as important as the weave of a fabric or the lines in a piece of art. It all has to work together to achieve client objectives.

With a background in business and a career in design, principal Kirsten Anthony Kaplan brings an uncommon professionalism to her interior design projects. She received her undergraduate degree from Dartmouth, an MBA from Yale, and began designing over 15 years ago in San Francisco with Kelly Lasser + SHELTER Interior Design. What makes her work noteworthy is what she brings to the table: vast experience in the field with new construction, historic remodeling and large-scale residential projects, an extensive background in construction, Board-room professionalism, and experience managing work teams. A natural talent for design (she cut her teeth in San Francisco designing for Silicon Valley moguls) and modern influences infuse her projects with elegance and energy.